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9 μm 10.5 μm HHF Aluminum Foil

9 μm 10.5 μm HHF Aluminum Foil has a series of unique advantages such as sterile, moisture-proof, fresh-keeping and recyclable, making it an excellent packaging material. High-quality packaging aluminum foil is a very good packaging material, especially in the field of flexible packaging. It has many advantages such as non-toxicity, heat, shading, moisture and fragrance. 9 μm 10.5 μm HHF Aluminum Foil is mainly used in high-grade cosmetic packaging, blister packaging, anti-mildew and moisture-proof packaging clothing, moisture-proof paper, cigarettes, high-grade packaging for chocolate, anti-leakage packaging for daily chemical products, sealing milk powder film, Logo for champagne and beer. Composite packaging of milk and dairy products and juices

Product Name: 9 μm 10.5 μm HHF Aluminum Foil
Alloy Status: 8079 8011 1
Thickness: 0.007mm
Width: 120-1800
Weight: 80-250kg per coil (or customized)
Surface: Matte on one side, bright on the other
Inner diameter: 76mm, 152mm (± 0.5mm)